Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ceramica Tile + Design Adelaide Offer a Design Consultancy Service for Choosing Ceramic Tiles

Ceramica Tile + Design is an Adelaide owned and operated independent importer, distributor and retailer of superior quality tiles from around the world.  They offer a wide range of design consultation services to help homeowners choose the right bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor tiles to suit their home and budget.  Contact Design Consultant Anita Sweeting on (08) 8346 6653 or Ceramica Tile + Design at

Ceramica Tile + Design is one of Adelaide’s leading importers and retailers of ceramic tiles from the world’s most well-respected manufacturers.  In addition, they also offer a design consultancy service that will enable you to make all the right tiling choices for your home.

“in recent years there have been some stunning new developments in technology that have revolutionised the way ceramic tiles are designed and manufactured,” said Anita Sweeting, Design Consultant at Ceramica Tile + Design.  “This means that there are a huge number of new and innovative styles and design concepts now available from the world’s best makers.  We provide a design consultancy service for our customers that showcases the very best of these new ranges and styles, and enables our clients to choose from the latest collections now available on the international market.”

Ceramica Tile + Design work with clients to help them to discover the many exciting and innovative contemporary tiling solutions now available to homeowners in Adelaide.  They work in close consultation with customers and use their expert knowledge to help homeowners create design concepts that are unique and that make the most of what the world’s best tile makers are now able to offer.  “As experts in ceramic tiles, we understand what will look good in your home, but we also have the knowledge and expertise to guide you towards the right type of tile to suit your lifestyle and budget,” said Anita Sweeting.   “For instance, we also help you to understand what sort of finish will suit your home, how to have your tiles installed and what you need to do to maintain them in pristine condition.”

However, as they import premium quality tiles from the best manufacturers worldwide, Ceramica Tile + Design will also help you to formulate a design concept incorporating the most attractive and innovative tile designs available on the market today, and their design services also extend to other aspects of home and interior design as well.  Anita Sweeting said, “We are always happy to work with customers to develop any aspect of a design concept, whether it be furniture, fixtures or fittings, in order to create a total, integrated look.  Our aim is always to help you to design a setting that will show off your home and your new tiles in the best possible light, and our experience and expertise means that we can advise you on any aspect of home decoration and renovation.”

The design and manufacture of ceramic tiles has changed a great deal, and new innovations continue to be developed.  Therefore, if you are building a new home, renovating your existing home, or you simply want to explore the imaginative and innovative new ranges of tiling solutions that are now available in Adelaide, contact Ceramica Tile + Design for expert advice and guidance, and a design service that incorporates the very best of what the international tile market now has to offer.

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Ceramica Tile + Design offer a design consultancy service